Life after Sydenham’s chorea

”I think there’s something very difficult about a condition that can fluctuate. Services for adults tend to assume that you are who you are

An international collaboration to agree best practice for SC

The second of our presentations from the 2024 Online event – Transcript: [Michael] OK. Well, thank you for the invitation to speak. It’s

Nikki & Gracie

“I became this mother that I never wanted to become, and I lost it with all of the doctors and nurses, and I said,

Treatment/Outcomes for SC (JAMA)

This study led by our colleague Dr Michael Eyre from King’s College, London, looked at individual patient data across the world and across time,

On the lookout for Sydenham’s

Letter to Archives of Disease in Childhood from Liz Whittaker (Imperial College London) and Kat Longbottom (Glasgow), highlighting potential surge in post streptococcal conditions

Penicillin prophylaxis in Italy

Our very own Emanuela Ferrarin and Michael Morton have recently published an article in Quaderni ACP on the issues around penicillin prophylaxis for Italian

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