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Sydenham’s Chorea Online Event 2024

Tuesday 14th May 10am-12pm British Summer Time. 1000-1010 Introduction - Nadine Mushet (Child and adolescent Mental health nurse and researcher, UK) 1010-1040 Our family's experience of Sydenham's chorea (and what we did next) - Nikki Saving (UK) 1040-1110 An international collaboration to agree best practice in SC - Dr Michael Eyre (Consultant Paediatric Neurologist / […]


Online Education and Awareness Event 2023

Striving for success – Modern research in Sydenham’s Chorea, and how it can improve care in the future   Friday 3rd March 2023 10am-2pm UTC   1000 Introduction     Nadine Mushet (Nurse Specialist and SCA board member, Newcastle, UK)   1010 Attendees introductions     1040 From Sydenham’s to Kilimanjaro, our experience Questions   […]


Sydenham’s Chorea ‘Virtual’ Education and Awareness Event

Held Friday 26th March 2021. Sydenham’s Chorea Association and charity Dr Adrian Sie, Chair of Sydenham's Chorea Association What is Sydenham’s Chorea? Assessment, diagnosis and treatment Prof Sameer Zuberi, Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow Questions to Prof Zuberi Experience from Italy Emanuela Ferrarin Supporting my child with Sydenham's chorea - a […]

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